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Title: Good Intentions
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Usagi/Mamoru
Genre: Romance, Humor
Rating: PG
Summary: It turns out there's more to cooking than just following a recipe. Not that Usagi managed that, either.

Any, any, Blew up the kitchen making dinner.

Oh, no, he's back )
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Title: Three In a Bed
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Rei/Minako
Warnings: None
For: [profile] kharmagic

Summary: In which Rei can't deal with sharing her and her girlfriend's bed with the cat.

No. Let him sleep, he's not hurting anyone. )
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Title: Are You High?
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Zoisite, Usagi
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG
Summary: Usagi can't decide. Zoisite is snarky. Usagi comes up with an idea!

Any, Any, torn between donuts and pizza

If that's really the worst thing that's ever happened to you, clearly the past two years as Sailor Moon have been one long dream. )
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Title: Old Wounds
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Prompt: washing/bathing someone
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Kunzite/Zoisite
Warnings: Mention of death/suicide by cop, Zoisite wanting to initiate underage sex

Summary: Keiichi Saito discovers something his boyfriend never told him about.

That night, Kazuyuki had relented a bit. )
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Title: Recognition
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Nephrite, Jadeite
Genre: Friendship
Rating: PG
Summary: Katsuji Osaka has a feeling he knows this new student, somehow.

Any, any, confession

Set in the same 'verse as two lifetimes and a thousand more. And yes, Nephrite was reincarnated as Naru's brother.

No way. We're not going there again, Osaka. )
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Title: Need
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Kunzite/Zoisite
Genre: Romance, Porn
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kunzite expresses fear in one of the only ways he knows how to.

any, any, urgent sex

It's over too quickly )
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Title: Silly Boyish Yearnings
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Zoisite -> Kunzite
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: G
Summary: A young Zoisite and his foolish heart

any, any, longing

But he still dreamed. )
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Title: Narrow Escape
Fandom: Sailor Moon Crystal
Characters/Pairings: The Shitennou
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if things had gone differently after the Guardians restored their memories?

Any, Any, I think it's time to blow this scene. / Get everybody and their stuff together.

Little brother Zoisite is growing up. )
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Title: Comfort Food
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing: Kunzite/Zoisite
Warnings: None

Summary: Zoisite comes home after the meeting with Queen Beryl in episode 19.

That's an exaggeration and you know it. )
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Title: there's a starman waiting in the sky
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Zoisite, Nephrite
Genre: Friendship
Rating: G
Summary: Zoisite and Nephrite were almost brothers in the Silver Millenium.

any, any, the star swept sky

What's the difference? )
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Title: one for the other
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing: UsaMamo, KunZoi
Rating: PG

Summary: Two grieving individuals. One has something that could change things for the better. A bargain is made.

It was crazy. It couldn't work. )
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Title: two lifetimes and a thousand more
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Prompt: reincarnation
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Kunzite/Zoisite, Zoisite+Ami, Zoisite+Usagi, Zoisite's OC family
Warnings: None

Summary: It was just another day at his after-school job when his life changed forever.

This takes place after the Makai arc, but before the Black Moon arc starts. Zoisite's street name is Keiichi Saito, Kunzite's is Kazuyuki Ito and he's Minako's lit teacher. Makoto and Zoisite both work at the same flower shop, but neither knows who the other is. And though this is set in 90s anime canon it uses bits from the manga (Zoisite's age, the Shitennou having been Endymion's guardians in the Silver Millenium).

And for reference, the Shitennou were revived as normal humans just after the Makai arc, but are treated as if they've always been their civilian selves. Their memories of the Silver Millenium and the Dark Kingdom are dormant, as are their memories of the girls as the Sailor Guardians. Keiichi/Zoisite is basically another Naru for most of the story.

I also based the flower shop in this fic on, which sells stuffed animals and chocolate. Possibly taking some liberties since I don't know if this is an actual thing in Japan.

Unfortunately, we can't go back to the sixteenth century and know for sure )
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Title: Made With Love
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Prompt: holiday
Rating: G
Pairing/Characters: Makoto/Ami, Minako, Zoisite
Warnings: None

Summary: Ami puts together a romantic Valentine's Day and, in traditional Ami fashion, overthinks things.

This pairing lends itself way too well to domestic fluff. I blame Makoto. Also yes, the Shitennou were reincarnated as civilians here. :3 Shining Blossom is the name of a random flower shop Mako and Zoisite work at.

Cooking and decoration weren't her strongest points, but she was capable and could put together a good meal when she felt motivated to. )
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Title: Metamorphosis
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Kunzite/Zoisite
Warnings: None
For: 100demons

Summary: He can't remember how or when Zoisite became his entire world, but he never wants to go back to a time before that was so.

He's just a silly old man. There's nothing to worry about. )
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Title: Buying Time
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Lead Crow/Aluminum Siren
Warnings: None
For: allekha

Summary: Siren blew her last chance to prove herself to Galaxia, and if Crow can't figure out a way to save her, she's going to give her the time of her life before the inevitable happens.

Tomorrow you're going to have to work extra hard to make up for today. )
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Title: a garden of gardens
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Senshi/Shitennou
Warnings: None
For: dahlia_moon

Summary: Little scenes of the relationships between Guardians and Kings.

various flowers )
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Title: what she is to us
Fandom: Sailor Moon (DiC-verse)
Characters/Pairings: Serena + Inners
Warnings: DiC dub names?
For: omens

Summary: Each Sailor Scout reflects on what Serena's friendship has done for her.

How else could she describe Serena but gutsy after they took down that monster together? )


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