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Title: Runaways
Fandom: Family Guy
Characters/Pairings: Meg, Chris, Stewie
Genre: Family, Drama, Friendship
Warnings: Mentions of parental abuse and sexual themes, violence, language

Prompt: Road Trip

Summary: Chris Griffin rarely had good ideas, but this one may save the sanity of himself and his siblings.

There's enough evidence on Mom and Dad to get us taken away from them. )
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Title: The Streets of Nowhere
Fandom: Family Guy
Prompt: au: apocalypse
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Meg, Chris, Stewie, Kevin, Anna, Connie, Neil, Brian, Bertram, Susie
Warnings: Talk of suicide and weapons, strong language, sexual innuendo, general Family Guy offensiveness

What? The world's already exploded, what's a little damage to the fourth wall? )
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Title: How To Survive a Nuclear Apocalypse Without Even Trying
Fandom: Family Guy
Characters/Pairings: Meg, Chris, Stewie, Brian
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Rating: R

any, any, after the end

Probably a good idea, can we put armor-piercing bullets on that thing? )
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Title: Enough Already!
Fandom: Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Peter, The Bird
Warning(s): Standard GF fare
Genre: Humor

Format du jour: Randomness

To say Peter was shocked to find a bird on the end of his nose was an understatement. )
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Title: The Trouble With Spinoffs
Fandom: Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Meg and the whole gang
Warning(s): Standard Family Guy Fare
Genre: Humor, Crossover, Adventure

Format du jour: "Let's make our own show!"

And...she can fight. Sorta. She knows how to insult people anyway. )
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Title: Fans Are Crazy
Fandom: Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Meg and the whole AWLM gang, lol
Warning(s): Slashy, femslashy and Fan Dumb references
Genre: Humor, Meta

Format du jour: "Who would want to watch us?"

Sadly, the price of being a handsome face on TV means people just love to make you gay in their fanfiction. )
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Title: Secret Ears
Fandom: Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Stewie
Warning(s): Um...see format du jour
Genre: Suspense

Format du jour: Paranoia Fuel

Holy crap, an FG fic from me that doesn't star or even involve Meg?! :O

Who am I going to tell? My teddy bear? )
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Title: So We Ran
Fandom: Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Meg/Kevin
Warning(s): None
Genre: Romance

Because I'm a stubborn shipper. :P That and I like the idea of Kevin getting in hot water because of his temper. Chip off the old block!

So much for me bringing you back and lifting that burden off their shoulders, huh? )
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Title: Double Date
Fandom: Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Meg/Kevin, Neil/Connie
Warning(s): Sexual overtones
Genre: Humor, Romance

Hey, no face-kicking in the new apartment )
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Title: Sisters and Girlfriends
Fandom: Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Meg, Anna, Chris, Stewie
Warning(s): Lampshade hanging?
Genre: Friendship, Humor

I felt bad for Stewie until I remembered the mind control helmet was his idea. )
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Title: How Many Times?
Fandom: Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Meg, Peter, Chris
Warning(s): Usual Family Guy fare
Genre: Humor, Family

Have you by any chance told Mom about this )
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Title: Creative Meddling
Fandom: Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Meg, Chris, Stewie
Warning(s): Gratuitous TV Tropes abuse
Genre: Humor

Also, the bad guy isn't gonna kidnap a kid. )
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Title: Mistaken
Fandom: Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Meg, Kevin
Warning(s): Lampshade hanging
Genre: Humor

For a moment, the pair wondered what it would be like... )
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Title: Jealous Much?
Fandom: Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Meg/Kevin
Warning(s): Standard Family Guy BS?
Genre: Humor, Romance

You know, he's really not much of a rebel. )
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Title: That's Impossible
Fandom: Family Guy
Pairing/Characters: Meg, Connie
Warning(s): Allusions to pedobestiality
Genre: Humor

Oh, Meg, are you and your family that naive? )
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Title: No Butts About It
Fandom: Family Guy. MOSTLY!!!
Pairing/Characters: Meg, Kevin, surprise guest
Warning(s): Perversion, cartoon violence
Genre: Crossoer, Humor

Don't be scared, kiddies! )


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