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Title: it all made too much sense
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Dreams
Warnings: Spoilers, brief mention of violence and molestation
Route: Conquest

Summary: It was extremely rare for their late night sort-of ritual to be reversed.

Better now? )
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Title: trash into treasure
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Treasure
Warnings: Violence, fade to black smut
Route: Revelation

Summary: He keeps forgetting he has it, until one night leads him to the best decision he's ever made.

If anyone else had found me, I'd be dead. I wouldn't have cared. )
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Title: fate threw them a curveball
Rating: PG
Prompt: Blood
Warnings: None
Route: Revelation

Summary: Leo was perfectly fine just being an uncle to Xander's son, but one day fate dropped a couple kids into his and Niles's laps.

At first I thought of Forrest and Nina being blood siblings, but then I remembered a headcanon my friend came up with about adopted!Forrest still sharing family ties with Leo on his mother's side. So Forrest's family adopted Nina!

Also this is set before Babyrealms are brought up. Siegbert and Shiro are the only kids born because heirs.

You two know each other? )
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Title: a comfortable place on the couch
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Dragon's Gate (AU day)
Warnings: Mentions of murder and violence
Route: N/A

Summary: The beat-up old couch in Leo's office was the only thing as comfortable as their bed at home.

But I must admit, talking law with you is sort of fun even if I only know half of what you're going on about. )
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Title: into the night with me
Rating: G
Prompt: Stars
Warnings: None
Route: Revelation

Summary: There are too many uncertainties, but one person will always remain a constant.

It's a clear night, much clearer than he's used to back in Nohr. )
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Title: every little seedling
Rating: PG
Prompt: Roots
Warnings: Birthright spoilers
Route: Birthright

Summary: Becoming King was not something Leo had expected to fall into, and at times it can be overwhelming. But a kingdom is as strong as its roots, and Leo will make sure Nohr's are stronger than they have been in years.

The kingdom was a mess, and even if Xander had survived things would be no different. )


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