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Title: who cares if they don't get it
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Characters/Pairings: Nanami/Saionji
Genre: Romance
Warnings: Age difference, mention of past abuse

Based on Tracy Ullman's "They Don't Know". Takes place 2 years after the series' end, just a little self-indulgence from Nanami. Because she'd be like this about any of her relationships at even the slightest bit of naysaying, you know she would.

She loves everything about him from his good points to the things that annoy her. )
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Title: and i will love you
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Kunzite/Zoisite
Genre: Tragedy, Angst, Romance
Warnings: Death

Summary: His heart is weakening, his pulse fading, the light in his eyes dims. But even in death, he is beautiful.

I once swore I'd never write one of these things. That was over ten years ago. And well, Viz's rendition of the scene gave me some ammo.

I'm sure you did your best, Kunzite. )
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Title: Beautiful Danger
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Kunzite/Zoisite
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None

Summary: Kunzite watches Zoisite sleep and reflects on his attraction to the young upstart.

I'm on such a high after watching the newly released dub episodes. Sleepfluff was in order.

Pretty little things are more dangerous than they look )
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Title: Verge
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Usagi/Mamoru
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None

Summary: In the split seconds before the elevator catches fire, Mamoru struggles with conflicting emotions and Usagi can't reconcile the obvious with her perceptions.

There's no way a sarcastic jerk like Mamoru could be someone so wonderful! )
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Title: Thin Ice
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing/Characters: Kunzite/Zoisite
Genre: Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: None

Summary: By day, it's easy enough to lose himself in his work. By night, he's plagued by vague visions and dreams leading him to question his existence.

This is something of a remix of one of my terrible old fics.

I dream of a vibrant kingdom, blues and greens and a rainbow of flowers as far as the eye can see. )
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Title: elusive miracle
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena (manga-verse)
Pairing/Characters: Mikage/Mamiya
Genre: Romance, Angst
Warnings: Spoilers, Student/Teacher relations, obsession

Summary: Mamiya sleeps. Mikage thinks. Mamiya is dying. Mikage angsts. It's all very sad.

He sounds as helpless as I feel. )
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Title: it never works
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Kunzite/Zoisite
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Warnings: None

Summary: In which Kunzite tries to protect Zoisite. Zoisite aint having any of that.

BASICALLY I was thinking what if Mamoru carried the four Kings' stones around in the anime like in the manga, and what if they tried to intervene during the breakup arc? Then I imagined Kunzite trying to pull the same thing with Zoisite. And if we thought Usagi was all "I don't care about myself or the world, we belong together", Zoisite will let the world BURN as long as he can stay by Kunzite's side. Yes.

Don't, Endymion. Do not break up with her with protection as an excuse. I tried that once... )
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Title: Red Ribbon
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Rei/Minako
Genre: Romance, Angst, Tragedy
Warnings: Character death

Summary: To admit to love, to admit to desire and need for each other was to abandon their Princess. Always together, but forever apart. Mars and Venus in the Silver Millenium.

It came from this.

No bitterness, no regret, no resentment. Serenity was worth living and dying for. )
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Title: the moments between
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Kunzite/Zoisite
Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Zoisite being a petulant little brat

Summary: In which Zoisite's trolling of Nephrite comes back to bite him in the ass. He takes it as well as one might expect. Or, how Zoisite went from politely questioning Queen Beryl one scene to crying on Kunzite's lap the next.

Had he been wrong to try to exploit that? )
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Title: Rush
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Characters/Pairings: Kunzite/Zoisite
Genre: Romance, Smut
Warnings: Porn

Summary: Rather than lament their diminished sex life, they find ways around it.

Shh. Don't speak. Feel... )
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Title: Private Lessons
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Characters/Pairings: Juri/Miki
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Warnings: None

Summary: Sometimes it's a wonder he fences as well as he does.

Every time you come closer and closer to getting past my defenses, but your form could still use a bit of work. )
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Title: Bride
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Characters/Pairings: Utena/Anthy
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Warnings: Spoilers

Summary: It's not a game anymore.

She knows what she wants to say, but it's still a big step to take nonetheless. )
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Title: Push It and Pull It
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters/Pairings: Aang/Katara, Sokka
Genre: Humor, Romance, Fluff
Warnings: SEX

Summary: You'd think Aang and Katara didn't sleep together until the time gap between ATLA and LoK. You'd be wrong. They'd been sleeping together since Book One.

Dedicated to the memory of Capslock Kataang on LJ. :)

No, Aang and Katara were not practicing Waterbending. )
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Title: Shame, Defeat and Crushing Humiliation
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters/Pairings: Azula, Zuko, Jet
Genre: AU, Friendship, Humor
Warnings: None

Summary: It was over. He'd lost, and he only had himself to blame.

Strategies and precautions. Determination. Hope. He'd given it his all, he really had, so how could he have lost?! )
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Title: Learning Experiences
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender/Pokemon
Characters/Pairings: Aang/Katara
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Crossover
Warnings: None

Summary: Katara reflects on her and Aang's time in the world of Pokemon.

The Pokemon World Aang and Katara are in is a mishmash of every region thus far. I didn't want to stick to just one game's plot, lol.

Sometimes Katara still couldn't believe they'd come as far as they had, but with five badges each under their belt and their teams all but secured she knew it was no coincidence. )
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Title: Runaways
Fandom: Family Guy
Characters/Pairings: Meg, Chris, Stewie
Genre: Family, Drama, Friendship
Warnings: Mentions of parental abuse and sexual themes, violence, language

Prompt: Road Trip

Summary: Chris Griffin rarely had good ideas, but this one may save the sanity of himself and his siblings.

There's enough evidence on Mom and Dad to get us taken away from them. )
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Title: Neutrality
Fandom: Pokemon XY
Characters/Pairings: Augustine Sycamore, mentions of Lysandre/Sycamore
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Spoilers

Summary: Because of his feelings for one man and loyalty to five trainers, he chose to remain neutral. Even now, he's not sure which side he would have taken.

The "two roads" bit is a variation of the world-famous "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost.

We always claimed to understand each other so well, but if this was true why didn't he listen? )
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Title: A Funny Thing Happened At Three In The Morning
Fandom: Bob's Burgers
Characters/Pairings: Bob Belcher, Linda Belcher, brief Jimmy Pesto and the kids
Genre: Humor
Warnings: Drugs, sex, alcohol

Prompt: (847): I was so stoned last night I got into an argument with your voicemail message.

Summary: It figures the one time he wins a fight with Jimmy Pesto, he wasn't even there.

He bought a new deep fryer for his restaurant and he was bragging about it )
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Title: First Star I See Tonight
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Characters/Pairings: Mist/Rolf
Genre: Romance, Friendship
Warnings: None

Prompt: Shooting Star

Summary: The first night after the war, they lie in a field and watch the stars come out.

He's changed, and so has she, and despite everything it's for the better. )


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