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...suddenly I'm picturing a Seisen/Utena fusion with Ethlin as Utena and Diadora as Anthy. >.>;;; Trouble is, I can't bring myself to make Sigurd a bastard and Cuan a playboy. Alvis'd be an interesting Akio, though...or maybe Eltoshan so Lachesis could be the jealous incestuous Nanami...

...brain eated. sleep now.
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An AU/AR with Hector as Eliwood's adopted brother. His parents died, Uther got sent off to live with relatives so he could learn to be a proper marquess and all that jazz.

Cause let's face it, Hector and Eliwood are like brothers as it is. XD


Jun. 3rd, 2005 08:58 am
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It attacked me outta nowhere, I swear...Seisen/Rayearth fusion.

Tiltyu: Hikaru
Lachesis: Umi
Edin: Fuu

Diadora: Emeraude
Alvis: Zagato
Aida: Alcyone
Sylvia: Caldina
Levin or Alec: LaFarga

Azel: Lantis
Deu: Ascot
Midayle: Ferio
Lex: Eagle

..Yeah. Doubt I'm ever gonna write it, though. Ah, well. ^_^;;; Maybe in the future...or maybe if my drawing skills improve, I'll draw fanart for it...
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Okay, so there's kinda a makeout party going on, and Hector gets partnered off with Florina. He's joking around, she's nervous...their usual 'roles' in such a situation. But when the time comes for them to get into the closet and kiss, Hector's the one who spazzes and runs away and is all "ASDFGHJKL; DAMN YOU ELIWOOD YOU HAD TO TRY TO CONVINCE ME DATING AND CHICKS WERE A GOOD THING".


Apr. 25th, 2005 09:12 pm
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Okay, so Aless and Nanna and Delumnd are all cousins, yet Aless doesn't talk to either of the latter two in the game. Now, in the game, Delumnd fled to Isaac, Nanna grew up in Lenster with Finn and Leaf, and Aless...Lachesis apparently raised him for awhile and then left for Isaac and he ended up being raised by Jabarro. So he probably never knew about Delmund and Nanna being his cousins.

So I kinda envisioned them all meeting and being all "Hey, we're cousins!" and sort of catching up, talking about what happened to their parents, etc...nothing monumental, just family members getting to know each other. ^^
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Azel's lonely, so he confides in Bridget...and will come to the realization that he doesn't need True Love to be worth anything. And later, appearance Tiltyu and Lex, who are all "Azel, why didn't you SAY anything, we're your friends!" and Azel's all "Umm...sorry?" and Bridget's all "Hey, I'm here for you, but you gotta let THEM be there for you too, they're good friends!" and Azel smiles at her and then Lex is all "Woah, you two were getting cozy!" and Azel's all "*BLUSH*" and Bridget's all "It's not like that!!" and...yeah. ^_^;;

Wherein I attempt writing Bridget for the first time and hope it works )

Might be an FE100, or might be an ordinary fic. I'm so used to writing for challenges and themes that I haven't written a plain old fic in ages. XD;;
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After Ninian's death, Eliwood finds himself channeling the younger Nergal who had just lost his wife and was desparate to bring her back from the dead...and of course, this is how the others find out Nergal was the one in that picture from 19xx, and that he's Nils and Ninian's father. So basically the others have to make sure Eliwood doesn't go mad, and only Athos can figure out how.

A little far-fetched, but maybe it could work...
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Lone Star State of Mind. Lyn's married to Hector and living in Ostia. One night, she finds herself missing Rath and remembering the short time they spent on the plains together before she moved to Ostia permanently.

I prefer Lyn/Florina and Lyn/Kent over then above pairings, but the song just screamed Hector/Lyn/Rath triangle to me. XD;;


Feb. 23rd, 2005 11:49 pm
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From a discussion with [ profile] surlykitty:

"Ninian, I love you. If something troubles you let me sleep it away. No! I mean-"
"I-I mean, sweep it gay! ASDFGHJKL; THAT'S NOT RIGHT EITHER!" *sniffle angst groan* "I suck!!"
"...I should leave you alone."
"No! ...All right, Ninian, I'm trying to say I...I like you and I don't wanna see you angsting and all that!"
"...Lord Eliwood...why didn't you just say that in the first place?"
"...Cause I'm a moron, that's why. ;_;"

Cause, see, I had this image of Eliwood practicing the lines for EliNini A support love confession in a mirror, or at least in his head...and when he does run into her to say the lines it doesn't go as planned. XD;;

I've actually wanted to write a one-shot based on this idea for awhile...
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"Lady Lyndis!"
"Sain, what are you doing out of bed?!"
"I can't allow you to run yourself ragged! You've been on your feet taking care of us all day and you're getting tired!"
"But you're sick!"
"Oh, but I'm feeling much better-*SNEEZE, COUGH* now!"
"...Bed. NOW."
" was worth a shot."

Lyn, trying to take care of her entire leigon while they're sick...poor girl. XD Well, maybe I'd keep Serra well so she could help...

Or an FY version:

"Miakaaaaa! My head hurts!"
"Get outta the bathroom, I have to puke!"
"I'm trying to put these damn eyedrops in!"


Jan. 23rd, 2005 01:04 pm
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Okay, so this had been in my head for awhile: Dorcas is originally from Bern, but after Lyn's story he and Natalie moved to Lycia. After that, his living in Bern is forgotten. I like to imagine he just found Lycia so comfortable he swore loyalty to it. XD

But then part of my brain wonders: "What would Dorcas be thinking about Bern and the conflict going on there?" Granted, he wouldn't know about it save for all the Black Fang spies and assassins and such...but still, it's interesting to think about.

So, I'm writing a fic. :D
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Okay, I have this idea about FE in a high school/college setting.

Long list of ramblings and details )

I hope the ages make sense...I tweaked em a bit for my own purposes, but that's not gonna affect their personalities. Nils is a case of "EXTREMELY mature for his age"-he may be a kid, but he acts very much like an adult. Not in the "I swear and stay up late and ride my bike in the street cause I'm trying to be a grownup!" way, either. He's just extremely smart and practical and thoughtful and introverted.

And Wallace as a teacher should be a hell of a lot of fun. XD "You, over there making eyes at that pretty young thing! Tell me what date the Civil War ended!" "Eep!" "Don't give me that! Next time I catch you not paying any attention I'll make you stand up and read the chapter out loud-IN GERMAN!" "I'll be good!"
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Matthew buried his head in his hands as it sank in.

'I'm falling for her!'

He never thought he would fall in love again after Leila's death. But thanks to Serra's refusing to leave his side and constantly bothering him, it wasn't to be that way.

"Save me," he muttered.

Posting a link to this in my LJ to see if anyone wants to take it and use it in their own story. XD;;
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Decided to try and write a few Christmas-related fics today:

Ideas and such )

I'll probably come up with a few more later...
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I want to write something ambiguous, give it the old "what if a pegasus knight and an archer fell in love" summary, then reveal the pairing at the end...

As Rebecca/Florina. *snerk*

It'd certainly put an interesting spin on things. XD

Or, "what happens when a flier falls for an archer"...and it turns out to be Wil/Heath. XD (Though I dunno how Heath'd react to that. Rath and Wil became friends, but Rath isn't all paranoid like Heath is.)
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I want to write a Matthew/Guy friendship fic. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the M/G slash fics, but it feels like they immediately go for the sexual tension and manlove. Which is fine in itself, but...there's also potential for them as best friends, not just lovers. Besides, Matthew would have to act like a friend and let Guy warm up to him first, considering how Guy is. XD;

Of course, there's also friends with benefits... >D I want to explore that because it would have them as friends, but also deals with any possible sexual tension.
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This isn't really a Christmas story cause of the era Fire Emblem is in, but it's inspired by "It's a Wonderful Life". Erk wishes he'd never met Serra, and falls asleep afterwards. But instead of some guardian angel showing him what his life would be like without her and him realizing he does care, something else happens-he hears Serra wishing she didn't have to put up with him anymore. Saint Elimine has been overseeing this and decides enough is enough, so she erases their memories and it really is like they never met. Erk and Serra don't seem to notice or care, since all they are to each other now is fellow soldiers in Eliwood's army. But the others suspect something is going on. Then a few of them get creeped out after awhile and wish things were back to normal.

Or I could go the cliche route and have Erk and Serra trying to imagine life without each other. XD;;;
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I randomly feel like writing RathxWil. :o I dunno, after reading fics and the translations for their supports (and getting their support up to B level), I'm starting to warm up to this pairing. ^^

I also wanna continue this WilxRebecca drabble I started awhile ago based on their A support. Rebecca threatens to kick Wil...lower than the gut if he ever up and leaves her like that again. XD I like WilxRebecca for the playful childhood friends squishyness and RebeccaxLowen for the general utter adorableness. <3 <3 I don't care if I can never decide which I like better, both ships rock.

On the Fushigi Yuugi front: I did more work on my RPG outline. Wrote up a few little walkthroughs and conversations and such. I wanna get back to my FY ficwriting...wanna write more HotohorixNuriko, SoixYui, stuff with Chiriko and Mitsukake...

And that MiakaxTamahome fic where Tamahome passes out from sickness and she has to haul his ass back to the inn and then warm him up. >D For some reason I'm not picturing Miaka getting all blushy and "OMG!" over it...I mean, she blushes and everything, but gets over it cause being naked with him is like, the only way to get him warm fast. Then the next morning he sees her, spazzes out, and she blushes and says "If I hadn't done it you would've been an icicle by now!". XD XD Yay for the old blanket standby. XD XD

...I also wanna write a fic where 2 characters get caught in a blackout. :o

And after watching some Idol Project, LaylaxExtra...


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