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Title: Accidental Curiosity
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Pairing or Characters: Juniper, Athena, background Simon/Bobby, mentioned Clay and Apollo
Rating: R
Kink used: Vouyerism
Content/Warning: Underage? The only sex is between a pair of adults and in the background but a preteen girl is also seeing it and later fantasizing about her bff and two teenagers.

Summary: Athena hadn't meant to see Simon going at it with his boyfriend, but she can't look away.

IN A WORLD WHERE UR-1 NEVER HAPPENED, Simon and Bobby hooked up and Athena got to start puberty at home with two mommies to explain everything. So Athena and Juniper are about 12 here. Also Japanifornia teaches sex ed for Fic Reasons, and Metis made Athena a pair of ear buds like in a certain thing I'm not working on for a certain meme.

She hadn't meant to be in Simon's office closet at that moment. Simon had been nice enough to loan her and Junie some of his DVDs and it was common courtesy to put things back when you were finished. Athena had only meant to put them on the shelf, but then Simon had come in with his partner. Probably to discuss some case work, she told Junie. It was only when they started kissing that Athena had dragged Juniper into the closet with her.

"Thena, are you sure-"

"Shh!" Athena giggled. "I had a feeling something was going on with them. Simon gets all red and his voice goes warm when he talks about Officer Fulbright," she whispered. "I was going to play matchmaker for them but I guess now I don't have to." Juniper stifled a giggle.

"I don't think Mr. Blackquill would have let you, anyway." She snuck a peek through the closet's slatted doors. "Oh...oh my. They're...pretty into it. I-I don't know if we should be here." But Athena could hear the curiosity in Juniper's voice, sense the need to know more. This month was sex education month in health class, and last week a routine study session had led to them accidentally finding the "grown up" novels in the back of the library. They'd snuck a few quick, guilty peeks at the juicy scenes before they felt too embarrassed to go on, put the books back, and tried not to giggle or blush all throughout health class the next day.

She never would have guessed she'd end up seeing something like the scenes in those books so close. Sure, Simon and Officer Fulbright were only kissing right now, but it wasn't like how her mothers kissed each other good morning, or the sloppy, clumsy attempts she'd seen other kids do at school. If the books were true in any way...oh! She blushed, suddenly looking down.

"They wouldn't...I mean, it's his office. It's still know how Simon is," she whispered. "Anyway, now that we know they're together, we can just wait here until they're-"

A moan caught her attention, and when they looked through the door again a black coat and a blue officer's jacket lay on the floor, Officer Fulbright's hand was going down his pants-!

"-oh!" Juniper gasped, quickly looking away and hiding her face. "Oh my...Thena, we have to leave, we can't..." But their eyes were drawn back to the scene, Simon's hand buried in the other man's hair, mussing the slick locks. The movement of their hips, the moaning, the occasional whispers she could hear so clearly...

Ohh, this isn't right, Mom and Aura always said it was wrong to spy on people! Mom made me those earbuds so I could avoid hearing too much, but...

She dared another peek. Simon was grinning, his face bright red, Officer Fulbright smirking back at him.

She glanced over to Juniper, who was sneaking looks through her fingers.

They decided maybe it was best to hide under Simon's spare coat until he and Officer Fulbright were finished. Five minutes later, they slipped out of the office while the two men discussed a case, out of the building, and hid behind a bush until the weird, embarrassed feelings passed.

Hours later, the embarrassment of seeing her pretty-much-big-brother and his boyfriend going at it had faded. In its place was a stronger version of the curiosity that had prodded her while she and Juniper had read those novels.

If something can make Simon moan like that, it must be really nice...they sure looked like they were having fun.

What would it feel like, Athena wondered, to do that with Junie? Or one of the high school boys who stopped in at the Space Center every day after school? Oh! Her cheeks flushed and she felt a familiar tingle between her legs. Those two boys were pretty cute, even if they were too loud for her without her ear buds...such nice voices, though. The taller one, energetic but smooth, and the shorter one with a bit of a squeak but once that stopped...

He's got a nice-looking mouth, I wonder what it'd feel like to kiss him. Or the other one, his hair looks so soft, so nice to run your fingers through...

Or Junie, she thought, remembering how she'd felt that tingling in the closet with her even after they'd stopped watching. They'd huddled together, Juniper had been so close, her breath quick and warm on Athena's neck, the smell of flowers that always follows her, the softness of her hair...

She shivered, rubbing her legs together, the tingle getting stronger. Aroused, the teacher called it, but most people call it "turned on." She liked that one more, because something was turned on in her and she didn't want to turn it off.

Her hand found its way into her pajama bottoms, under the waistband of her underwear. She'd discovered masturbation accidentally while washing herself in the bath a few nights ago, but this was the first time she'd be doing it on purpose. When her fingers pressed against her sex, she gasped; the novels described it as being "so wet" but she only felt a little damp, like after coming out of the bath or the swimming pool.

The short teenager with the spiky hair...Apollo, she heard his name was. Like the Greek God. His taller friend...Terran, she heard Aura call him once. They seemed so wild with their hair and loud voices but she could hear the gentleness in them. Especially Terran. And Apollo, with those big expressive eyes.

I wonder what Junie would think about them, which one she'd think was the cutest. And that question made her remember the closet again, or the nights they spent wrapped up in a blanket together watching TV or listening to the stereo. The scent of flowers, the softness of her hair, that beautiful voice...

Athena stifled a whimper as she rubbed herself faster; her breasts almost ached from sensitivity and she wanted to touch them but she had to quiet herself just in case. She settled for biting down on the edge of the blanket and rubbing her breast through her shirt. Apollo, Terran, Junie, gentle eyes, wild hair, soft mouth, softness, flowers, ah! Her body suddenly broke into a sweat, her thighs clamping down on her hand. Orgasm. She vaguely remembered one of the books talking about it, a "big bang" but she didn't feel anything explode, just...really hot. And her hand was kind of sticky.

When she felt cooled off and her heart was back to normal, she pulled her hand out of her panties and wiggled her fingers. She felt the "wet" part now, and her sex felt a little sore. Athena wiped her hand off on the sheets, reminding herself to make her own bed tomorrow so Mom or Aura wouldn't notice the marks.

Someday, she thought, she'd be old enough to do what Simon and Officer Fulbright were doing. Maybe it would be with one of those boys, or with Junie. But she hoped it would be with someone who made her as happy as Aura made Mom or Officer Fulbright made Simon.


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