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Title: Mother's Home
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters/Pairings: Thalassa, Apollo, brief Trucy (though she's mentioned heavily)
Genre: Family, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: G
Summary: Thalassa returns to a place she never thought she'd visit, to see the one she once never thought she'd see again.

Any, any, Courage is being scared of something but doing it anyway.

She's waited long enough. Her eyesight is almost perfect, her memory's been fine, the doctor says it's safe for her to travel. Trucy and the DeFamme twins are performing in a show at the royal castle this weekend, it seemed the perfect chance to pay a visit.

She thought she'd never set foot in Khu'rain again after the fire, after her father forced her home and demanded she forget all about the life she had outside Troupe Gramarye. Not that it matters anymore. Her father and Zak are dead, Valant has faded into obscurity, and Mr. Reus better pray she never finds him once he's out of prison. Trucy is a young woman now, and Apollo...

Thalassa pauses, her hand just inches from the door, poised to knock. Her baby, her firstborn, the one she spent years thinking was dead along with his father until the day he took Machi's case. As Lamiroir, she didn't even recognize him, but she knew he was a fine, upstanding young man.

Suddenly, she's not sure she should even be here. Apollo obviously made a good life for himself without her. He put himself through college, got his attorney's badge, brought an end to the dark age of the law, ended the Defense Culpability Act. He didn't need her for any of those things, why would he need her now?

He'll only resent you for being gone so long. Even if you had the excuse of recovering for a year, you could have at least tried to find him. Or sent him letters, even if it was through Mr. Wright.

And Trucy. Mr. Wright had taken her in after Zak disappeared, and he'd done such a fine job of raising her. She loved her daddy, even if he was only her adoptive daddy. She could be hurt or confused, thinking her mother wanted to take her back. But I don't, I'd never try to take you from him, he deserves you more!

Thalassa closes her hand around her bracelet, swallowing back tears. She can't do this, she should go home rather than risk the anger and rejection she knows wait for her behind that door.

No. She shakes her head. No, you're not going to run away from this. Not after you came all this way. You don't know how they'll react, and if you leave now you'll never have the courage to come again.

She swallows, places a hand on the brooch at her chest, and knocks firmly on the door of Justice Law Offices.

"It's open." The loud, clear voice she remembers from Machi's trial. Thalassa opens the door and steps inside, but doesn't leave the doorway.

Apollo turns around. He blinks, frozen in place.


"I'm sorry." She can't think of anything else to say. "I'm so sorry, honey. I know, you must be so shocked and confused right now, but I-"

"Wait, stop." Apollo holds up his hand. The one with the bracelet on it. "Lamiroir, right? Why...what are you doing here? And-"

His eye falls on the bracelet. He looks at her again, does a double take.


"Apollo, dearest...I'm your mother."

He stares, almost as if he's sure he's dreaming. A dubious look crosses his face, and she prepares for him to turn her away at best or give her a bawling-out at worst.

"I'm sorry," she repeats. "I know, it's been so long, I've missed out on your entire life, you have every right to hate me. I just had to see you, even if this is the last time."

He studies her, looks to his wrist, then back.

"I'm sorry." She looks away. "I-I'll go now, if you-"

"Mom." He runs toward her, Thalassa opens her arms and they embrace, both crying. He's about as tall as she is now, but he still manages to bury his face in her shoulder.

"Polly? What's going-" A gasp, and suddenly Trucy's rushing at them, Thalassa and Apollo open their arms and pull her close.

Later, they'll sit down and talk everything out. Maybe Apollo has questions, or grievances. Maybe Trucy is worried about what this means for her as Mr. Wright's daughter.

But she feels no resentment, no anger in either of her children, and Thalassa knows everything will turn out just fine.

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Date: 2017-09-06 12:07 am (UTC)
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Be right back, crying tears forever.

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Date: 2017-09-06 12:08 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sarajayechan
I hope this becomes canon even if it's only in the side media like CD dramas or manga or something.


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