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Title: they don't prepare you enough for this
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters/Pairings: The WAA crew, Edgeworth, Kay, Apollo/Athena, Phoenix/Edgeworth mention
Genre: Humor, Family
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Phoenix Wright has finally learned to drive, but there's one thing he wasn't ready for.

Any, Any, a bit of trouble on the drive over

He was happy for them, he really was. Athena was the kind of person Apollo needed to help him recover from all he'd been through lately, and his "I'm fine!" had helped her push through the rough aftermath of the UR-1 retrial. They were good together, and he was glad their relationship was running so smoothly.

But right now, he really wished they'd just remained Good Friends.

Being a new driver was enough of a challenge. Being a new driver with passengers in both the front and back seat was more of a challenge. But neither the written or the road tests had prepared Phoenix for a pair of very horny attorneys kissing and groping each other all over the back seat of his rental car.

"Daddy, they're doing it again," Trucy groaned. "You might want to pull over and check to see if they still have their seat belts on." Phoenix sighed, checked to make sure the side of the road was clear, hit the parking brake, and turned around.

"You know this isn't our car, right? And if the seat stains we have to pay extra?" The pair broke apart, Athena looking miffed and Apollo blushing as red as his street jacket.

"We weren't even doing that much yet," he muttered. "What do you take us for, anyway?"

"You don't want to know," Phoenix muttered. It wasn't that he didn't relate, not by a long shot and not when he and Edgeworth had gotten amorous in some risky places. But at least they'd had the courtesy not to make a new driver nervous by getting it on in his or her car.

(Traumatizing the janitor of the train station men's room, however, was another story. Even if it was an accident.)

"Come on, it's not like we're on a highway or a super busy road," Athena said. "And look! We still have our belts on!" She pointed to her and Apollo's chests. Phoenix shook his head.

"Honestly, it's like walking in on your kid about to lose his virginity on the couch," he groaned. "Just keep a lid on it until we get to the hotel, would you? We're twenty minutes away." Apollo made a face and Athena pouted, but the two straightened their seat belts and their bodies anyway. "That's better."

"Really, you two are like a couple of rabbits," Trucy said with a smirk. "Better now, Daddy?" Phoenix nodded, turning around and starting the car again. Within moments he could hear whispering, giggling, and the sound of texting but thankfully no more moaning. When they arrived at the hotel, Edgeworth and Kay greeted them with smiles and in Kay's case a flying tackle-hug for Trucy.

"What took you so long, Wright?" Edgeworth said with an amused smile. Phoenix mock-glared over at Apollo and Athena, who were seconds away from another passionate kiss, and Edgeworth's smile became a smirk. "Say no more."

"Someone should petition the DMV to prepare drivers for this sort of thing," Phoenix chuckled. Thankfully, they weren't set to meet the rest of the gang for another few hours. They checked in quickly, Apollo snatching one of the card keys as Athena dragged him towards the elevator. They probably wouldn't even make it to the room, Phoenix thought with a smile.

Ah, young love.


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