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"I love you."

Apollo's heart skipped a beat.


"I love you, Apollo Justice, I love you." His embrace tightened and Apollo could feel him trembling. "I was going to die, I was so sure of it, and as much as I hated thinking I'd never go to space..." His voice shook. "My biggest regret was that I never got to tell you how I felt. God, why did I wait so long?! Even after I woke up I put it off, but no more. I love you."

Apollo choked back a sob, smiling as he buried his face in Clay's chest.

"I love you, too." Happy tears ran down his cheeks, damepning Clay's pajama top. "God, Clay, thinking I'd lost you was the worst feeling I'd ever had. I was so angry, I felt like I'd been sliced in half! If Jirachi hadn't saved you..." He looked up, sniffling, smiling. "But it did, you're still here."

"I always will be." Clay tugged at his hair-horns. "I'm Clay Terran, and I love Apollo Justice!" And Apollo kissed him, words at this point were just a formality and couldn't express his joy nearly enough.

I should also write some stuff with Athena, and Simon and Juniper helping by finding evidence or a story about running afoul of Team Rocket. And Looker and Edgeworth's side of things, too.
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