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Title: Sink In
Author: Sara Jaye
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters/Pairings: Adrian Andrews, implied past Adrian/Celeste
Table-Prompt: Aquarius-Midnight
Warnings: Graphic description of suicide

Summary: She prays she's dreaming, but it's a reality she'll never wake from.

It's exactly midnight when it fully sinks in. She saw Celeste's body with her own eyes, watched the paramedics cut her down; the rope left deep marks in the skin of Celeste's neck, broken beyond repair. In some cases, if the person's found quickly or if the rope breaks or the beams buckle, there's a chance we can save them. But Celeste had tied the rope so tightly; not only had she broken her neck but she'd strangled herself. Her face was turning blue when they'd found her, her eyes open and glassy with death.

Adrian had been there for every moment barring the autopsy. She'd read the report and assisted in filling out the death certificate, sat by her mentor's cold body and held her limp hand until the nurse ushered her out. She spent the rest of the night in a haze, almost hoping this was a dream and she would wake up any time.

But it's midnight, she's still wide awake, and she's fully immersed in the reality. The tears that finally pour down her cheeks are silent, hot and bitter. She can't scream, she can't ask why, she can't speak, she can barely breathe. The smell of the hospital sticks to her, the cold of Celeste's dead hand in her own lingers, the doctor's voice rings in her ears. Dead, asphyxiation, a broken neck, suicide.

She didn't leave a note. They'd been at the office until midnight last night, Celeste oddly calm for someone who'd just had her heart broken. Everything will be fine, Adrian. Don't worry. Her hands had been so warm yesterday, her breath soft against Adrian's face, her expression so soft and reassuring.

Everything will be fine. The last words she would ever hear Celeste speak were a lie. It's not fine, nothing will ever be fine again.

She didn't even say goodbye to me. It's so selfish, but Celeste was all Adrian ever had. Her parents distant, no brothers or sisters, barely any friends to speak of. Celeste found her, took her under her wing, made her feel like she could be someone who mattered.

He'd taken all of that away. She'd tried to be happy for Celeste, but she'd never trusted Corrida. Vain, arrogant, willing to throw away a person who loved him so deeply over a petty rivalry with another vain, arrogant bastard.

Celeste Impax committed suicide, but to Adrian, those two had as good as given her the rope themselves.

She tries, futilely, to wipe away the tears. They keep coming, and she still wishes she could scream. The numbers on the clock change, but she can barely see them.

It's midnight, reality has sunk in, and she's trapped in a nightmare she'll never awaken from.


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