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Title: What Words Cannot
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters/Pairings: Phoenix/Edgeworth
Genre: Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: G
Summary: In which Phoenix is a big ball of feelings he can't express and Edgeworth needs to stop leaving all the time.

Any, Any, Say Anything.

"I'll likely be leaving within the week."

It hasn't even been a day since Iris's trial ended, just like the last two times. Miles Edgeworth, lone prosecutor, always riding to the rescue only to disappear from his life after the dust settles. Even knowing in advance this time doesn't make it any easier.

"I see." He doesn't see, doesn't see why Edgeworth always has to keep leaving him, why every time it feels like they've taken one step forward in their relationship Edgeworth has to take two giant steps back. I know you're not much of a people person, but...

But the truth is, Phoenix is selfish. Even with all of his understanding of how Edgeworth operates, he loves this man more than he's ever loved anyone and he can't face saying goodbye to him yet again.

"I suppose you'll want to see me off at the airport," Edgeworth says, barely looking up from the list he's writing. "It can't be helped." No, I don't want to see you off, I don't want you to leave, why can't you stay for once in your life? Words on the tip of his tongue refuse to make themselves known, his heart's too caught in his throat and he's afraid if he speaks he might start blubbering like an idiot.

"I'm not sure where I'd go this time. Europe is the obvious choice, but perhaps another continent is in need of justice? Of course...this may sound foolish of me, but it may be nice to take a simple vacation for once." Vacation, maybe we could go together, I'd find someone to look after the office, or...

And Edgeworth talks, Phoenix listens, until Edgeworth turns to him. He's not sure whether the look on his face is concern or offense.

"Wright," he says, "has your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth? I can't remember the last time, or any time you were this quiet."


"You must still be reeling from recent events," Edgeworth says, and Phoenix catches a softness in his tone.

"I guess I am." It's not a lie, he knows he'll be dwelling on Iris and Dahlia and Godot for a long time, but right now they're the furthest thing from his heart and mind. All he sees is Edgeworth and all he feels is desperation and longing.

"Well, we'll talk more tomorrow, if you wish." Edgeworth stands and turns to leave the office. "I should go home."

Before Edgeworth even makes it to the door, though, the dam breaks and Phoenix leaps out of his own chair. He crosses the space between them in a single stride, grabbing the other man's wrist and holding tightly, a life preserver in the sea of emotions threatening to choke him.


"Wright?" Edgeworth turns around, giving him a funny look. "I just said we'd see each other tomorr-" Phoenix's grip tightens and he closes his eyes, fighting back tears. Don't do this, Phoenix, not in front of him, not now...

"Don't leave again. The country, that're always leaving. I just..." I love you, I need you, I'm afraid if you walk out that door I'll never see you again, I'm tired of losing you, don't leave me, please...

Thick silence suffocates the room, Phoenix afraid he'll bawl if he opens his mouth and Edgeworth clearly uncomfortable and unsure. Finally, he clamps a hand over Phoenix's, trying to loosen his grip.

"Maybe...I shouldn't leave you alone tonight." And Phoenix swallows, the threat of crying finally having passed.

"Thanks." He manages a smile. "Listen, Edgeworth-"

"We'll see. I...need to think about it a bit." Phoenix sighs with relief, Edgeworth isn't a mind-reader but he seems to get it. Maybe holding the Magatama heightened his perceptions a bit, or maybe Phoenix is just transparent. But you're here, you'll stay...

Edgeworth makes them tea, and while the water boils they settle down on the couch. Their hands find each other, and Phoenix slowly begins to relax.

"By the way, Wright-Phoenix..." Edgeworth smiles. "Me too." Phoenix's heart leaps in his chest and he's torn between joy and embarrassment. He hadn't even said the words, neither had Edgeworth, but there's no mistaking that tone.


"Just know that. Whatever happens." He's bright red, but he's smiling, and Phoenix leans against his shoulder. Guess I really am that transparent. Not that he cares, for the first time since the end of the trial he feels okay with everything.

"I will."
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