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Theme Prompt: Phobia
Title: From Above
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Rating/Warnings: None
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 594
Summary: When Apollo asked Clay to help him overcome a certain fear, he probably should have asked to take it slowly.

"We're almost there!" Clay called cheerfully, and Apollo stifled a groan. He's just doing this to help you. He's your best, he's more than that, he's the person you love. You trust him, remember? Besides, you did ask him.

Of course, now that his request was almost a reality, Apollo wished he'd never said anything. Clay didn't care if he was afraid of heights, he never minded when Apollo didn't want to go on the ferris wheel or higher than the little hill by the field near his apartment. Clay wasn't the kind of person to resent someone for having a "silly phobia."

But Apollo had asked, and now they were almost to the roof of the tallest building in the city. It was a far cry from their little hill, and the pebble of fear in Apollo's stomach had grown into a boulder.

Please don't let me pass out.

"We're here," Clay announced as they stepped off the elevator. "How are you feeling, Apollo?" And Apollo, despite feeling drenched in sweat and sure he was as pale as a ghost, smiled as widely as he could muster.

"I'm fine!" But he felt his knees buckle and Clay looked almost guilty as he grabbed him, getting them settled onto the blanket he'd laid out.

"You look pretty sick." He sighed. "Maybe we should have started off steps, you know?" And Apollo wished he'd asked for that, but at the time he was just so eager to prove his fear wasn't completely incurable. He grasped Clay's hand, leaning heavily against him.

"A bit too late now. Besides, you seem pretty at home here, I don't want to ruin your good time."

"Good time, my foot! How can I have a good time when you're suffering?" Clay smoothed his sweaty, drooping forelock away from his face. "Just say the word and we'll head back down." Apollo was sorely tempted at this moment; he felt dizzy and sick and he was sure the air was thinner up here. He closed his eyes, trying to pretend he was anywhere else.

And Clay didn't say anything, only held onto him as if to silently let him know they weren't going anywhere. That he was safe despite being so high up.

I want to overcome this fear. I want to be able to enjoy high places, to go with him on the ferris wheel and not care if we get stuck at the top.

After several minutes and several deep breaths, Apollo slowly opened his eyes. The last traces of the sun were fading away, the night sky dark and clear with a sliver of moon. The first stars would come out soon, and the faint glow of the street lamps gave the sky a gentle glow.

"W-wow..." He smiled. "It's..."

"Beautiful, isn't it." Clay smiled. "This is why I wanted to be an astronaut. I love the sky, I love watching the stars come out, I feeling so high above the world."

"And I wanted to feel what you did, even just this once." Apollo felt the boulder begin to erode, his heart calming down. "Thank you, Clay."

"Any time." Their eyes met, just as a strain of classical music began to float from several floors down. "Oh, I forgot there's a music studio in this building!" He grinned a little. "Care to dance?"

"Up here?!" Apollo practically squeaked. "I mean...that's pretty crazy, isn't it?"

"Since when was either of us normal?"

"Good point!" Clay helped him stand, wrapped an arm snugly around his waist, and they began a slightly clumsy waltz under the clear sky, the stars, and the sliver of moonlight.

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