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Title: they don't prepare you enough for this
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters/Pairings: The WAA crew, Edgeworth, Kay, Apollo/Athena, Phoenix/Edgeworth mention
Genre: Humor, Family
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Phoenix Wright has finally learned to drive, but there's one thing he wasn't ready for.

Any, Any, a bit of trouble on the drive over

Daddy, they're doing it again )
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Theme Prompt: Little White Lies
Title: To Be Perfectly Honest
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Bonus: No
Word Count: 563
Summary: "That's the trouble with this family, you can't keep anything from anyone."

There was one problem, however. A small, glaring problem. )
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Title: denial is a powerful thing
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters/Pairings: Phoenix, brief Doug Swallow, mention of Phoenix/Dahlia
Genre: Angst, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He hears the words, sees them formed, but his heart rejects them.

Any, any, "she'll chew you up and spit you out"

I promise, Dollie, I promise...! )
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Theme Prompt: Last To Know
Title: Out Of The Loop
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Rating/Warnings: None
Bonus: No
Word Count: 706
Summary: Maya drops a bombshell on Phoenix, which opens a long-ignored can of worms.

It made me feel bad, like...suddenly you didn't trust me. )
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Title: Ashes to Ashes
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Prompt: vehicle crash
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Ini and Mimi Miney, Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Turner Grey
Warnings: Talk of fire, mild gore, blood, injuries

Summary: Would Mimi Miney's life have been any better had Ini survived the accident?

The car's gone, of course. )


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