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Title: Growing Pains
Fandom: 7th Heaven
Characters/Pairings: Lucy Kinkirk, original character
Rating: PG
Prompt: Drama
Warning: Discussions of teen sex, pregnancy, etc.

Summary: She knew what she was getting into, but that doesn't make it any easier.

And she still cries about her boyfriend. Typical teenager, or the icing on a badly burned cake? )
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Title: Old Friends
Fandom: 7th Heaven
Pairing/Characters: Lucy, Mike Mitchell
Warning(s): None
Genre: Friendship, Angst

That was nine years ago, and she'd saved every letter he'd written her since then. )
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Title: Letters to the Dead
Fandom: 7th Heaven
Pairing/Characters: Lucy, Jennifer
Warning(s): None
Genre: Angst

We take time for granted, and we can never get it back. )
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Title: A True Minister
Fandom: 7th Heaven
Characters: Lucy, Eric
Rating: G
Summary: After faltering during a grief counselling session, Lucy questions her worth as a future minister.
Notes: First 7th Heaven fic in a long time. Completely spur-of-the-moment.

This should have been easier. But when it comes to death, there's no such thing as 'easier'. )


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