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Title: the best cure for insomina
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Pairing or Characters: Clay/Apollo
Rating: R
Kink used: First time
Content/Warning: Underage, cliché

Summary: Clay can't sleep. Apollo wakes up from the same dream he's been having for weeks. Clearly, there's only one solution.

At fifteen, Clay knows very well what those feelings are. )
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Title: Perfect Fit
Fandom: Fire Emblem Echoes
Pairing or Characters: Saber/Genny
Rating: NC-17
Kink used: Size kink (free space)
Content/Warning: Huge age difference, messy sex

Summary: Genny always did have a fondness for men twice her size.

He would be home soon, and she was almost done with her bath. )
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Title: Rescuing The Damsel
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Pairing or Characters: Juri/Miki
Rating: NC-17
Kink used: Roleplay
Content/Warning: Age difference, unrealistically perfect sex

Summary: In an age where princes and princesses are obsolete, Juri and Miki find a use for those roles and their costumes.

Takes place four years post-series, Miki is 17 and Juri is 20.

My prince! )
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Title: Arrangements
Fandom: Fire Emblem Fates
Pairing or Characters: Female Avatar/Xander/Ryoma
Rating: NC-17
Kink used: Voyeurism
Content/Warning: None

Summary: Corrin is good at taking third options. This one benefits everyone.

After the initial phase of denial, arguing, telling her she was nuts, the arrangement pretty much went smoothly. )
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Title: Freeze Me
Fandom: Fire Emblem Fates
Pairing or Characters: Flora/Female Avatar
Rating: NC-17
Kink used: Temperature play
Content/Warning: None

Summary: Flora's power is for more than waking up lazy princesses.

I know what you need. )
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Title: For Our Lady
Fandom: Fire Emblem Fates
Pairing or Characters: Female Avatar/Retainers
Rating: NC-17
Kink used: Servitude

Summary: The hardest part of having a harem of lovely retainers is deciding who gets to go first.

A butler can't change his stripes that easily. )


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