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Title: Clandestine
Game: Fates
Pairing: Camilla/Beruka
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Free-For-All (Victorian AU)
Warnings: Hardcore smut, biting, very rough sex

Summary: The beauty of Krackenburg's court was that there was always something bigger to whisper about than one Lady's dalliances with her quiet, mysterious bodyguard.

Hello, my dear. You certainly were in a hurry, weren't you? )
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Title: secret versus truth (which hurts more?)
Game: Blazing Sword
Pairing: Ninian/Florina
Rating: G
Prompt: Secret
Warnings: Hints at an interspecies romance

Summary: Florina was too close to the truth, and sometimes Ninian wished telling her could be so simple.

The last time it was this cold, I'd stayed up all night to wait for the ice dragon in the mountain. )
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Title: Sheets
Game: Awakening
Pairing: Lissa/Maribelle
Rating: G
Prompt: Sunshine
Warnings: None

Summary: Lissa truly was the most incurably soft-hearted woman in all of Ylisse.

It's raining, they're exhausted and the smell of battle still hangs in the air. )
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Title: Under Parallel Skies
Game: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn
Pairing: Lethe/Jill
Rating: PG
Prompt: Legend
Warnings: Spoilers for both games

Summary: There's a myth that if two people see the same star from different places, they'll find each other again.

Busy days and nights have made her forget how nice it could be just to relax. )
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Title: Kana-Bean
Game: Fates
Pairing: Female Avatar/Rhajat
Rating: PG
Prompt: Family
Warnings: Revelation spoilers, mentions of childbirth

Summary: Rhajat shares a moment with her wife and their newborn son.

Orochi is Rhajat's mother because small pink-haired girl!Corrin and purple-haired Rhajat is my aesthetic. Small Orochi-haired Kana is the product of sex magic, and this is post-game because such a spell takes time to perfect.

What's the point of having such magic on hand if you can't use it to help someone you love? )
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Title: who was I (before you)
Game: Blazing Sword
Pairing: Sonia/Ursula
Rating: R
Warnings: Blood, violence, character death, unequal relationship, discussion of filicide

Summary: Her life began and ended with Lady Sonia. It always had, and it always would.

You truly wish to please me, do you not? )
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Title: Blessing
Game: Awakening
Pairing: Cynthia/Kjelle
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Armor
Warnings: Talk of fire and stab wounds, but nothing major

Summary: Kjelle's armor can only protect her from so much.

Henry is Cynthia's father, Kellam is Kjelle's. And Henry would totally devise a hex to protect his loved ones from bonus damages during battles.

Hold still for a moment, okay? )


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