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Title: Beyond Legends
Fandom: Chobits
Characters/Pairings: Dita/Zima
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Summary: In hindsight, his behavior makes perfect sense.

any fandom - any character - Love is just a word

Spoiler warning for a 14-year-old manga lol.

In hindsight, Zima's behavior makes perfect sense to her now. His cryptic comments, his hope for the girl's-Chi's success and happiness. Because if she finds what she's looking for, it will change things for all of us...for you and me.

Feelings. They're machines, Dita still finds the whole concept ridiculous. But every embrace is warm, despite only wires and circuitry running through his body. They fit perfectly together, his smiles do something to her that defies all programming logic.

Love. Humans either throw that word around like it was nothing or hold it tightly to their hearts like a precious gem. To persocoms, it was just a word. A concept. Something they understood the logistics of but would never experience beyond what their owners programmed them to.

But somehow, Zima always knew. That was the girl's power, this legendary thing...this word. Love. The someone just for her. Because that simple, bumbling human loved her back, the concept of love was no longer just a simple word or legend.

He always knew, and he always felt it for me. And I...

It's still so strange to think of it, but it feels right.

"I love you."

Zima's embrace tightens, his lips brush her forehead, and she leans her cheek against his shoulder. The sun's setting, it's a clear night, and the stars seem brighter than usual.

"I always knew you did, my Dita," he murmurs, and she closes her eyes, smiling.

They really do fit perfectly together.


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