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Title: The Usual
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters/Pairings: Aura/Metis, Athena Cykes, Apollo Justice, Clay Terran, Simon Blackquill
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Rating: G
Summary: The woman came in every Friday and ordered two daifuku cakes. Or, the one where Metis owns a coffee shop and Aura is her favorite customer.

Author's Choice, Author's Choice, zie owns a coffeeshop/works at a coffeeshop and is falling in love with a customer

The woman had been among her first customers the day the shop opened, and she'd been coming in every day since.

Some people changed their orders every day, others liked to explore the menu a bit, others still had a drink or something else they liked on a certain day while being flexible the rest of the time.

This woman was in the third category. She was fairly adventurous, the first thing she ordered being a doubleshot of particularly strong espresso. Metis had flinched at the scent of the blend alone, but this woman barely even blinked. Some days she asked for something sweeter, others a bitter green tea.

But every Friday, like clockwork, she asked for two daifuku cakes. One apricot, one strawberry. Metis assumed the woman simply got hungrier than normal on Fridays, that was common among some customers. But she always asked for them in separate bags.

"Maybe she just doesn't want the flavors to mix," Clay Terran suggested. Clay Terran and Apollo Justice were good friends of Metis's daughter, Athena, and Metis had hired them for the weekends.

"I doubt it," Athena said. "I think one of them is for someone else. Probably a boyfriend or something." And for some reason, the suggestion made Metis go slightly tense.

"Perhaps." She did see the woman with an elderly man sometimes, but she'd just assumed it was her father or a co-worker, probably her supervisor. But after that conversation, she started checking out the window every Friday a few minutes before five o'clock. Just out of curiosity, she told herself. And there was no disguising the relief she felt when the woman entered the shop by herself to order her two daifuku.

"See, she's always alone," Apollo said. "There's no reason to be jealous!" Metis bristled.

"Who said I was jealous? Honestly, I hardly know the woman." Well, hardly was an exaggeration. She knew the woman worked at the robotics lab nearby, had the most beautiful smile and liked to let her long purple hair down from its twin buns as she came in every Friday after work. She knew the woman loved science fiction stories, astronomy and Italian food (except for eggplant dishes).

She knew she could talk to her for hours if given the opportunity.

But you don't even know her name, the logical part of her brain chided. Not that it matters. She's a customer, it's bad business to spend five minutes a day drooling over her.

Fine, Metis thought, maybe she was a little attracted to the woman. But that was all. Who wouldn't be attracted to someone so beautiful?

One Friday afternoon, the woman didn't show up. It was raining, and Metis found herself fearing the worst, especially when a tall dark-haired man walked in. His somber expression as he approached the counter didn't help matters.

"One apricot daifuku, please, and one strawberry." And Metis's eyes widened.

"That's the same thing she orders-"

"Every Friday," the man finished. "Aura got tied up at the lab this week, though, so it's my turn to buy the snacks." Aura, Metis thought, trying to hide a dreamy smile. A fitting name for such a lovely woman.

"So you must be..."

"Her brother, unless she hasn't mentioned me to you yet," the man said with a smile. "I think she was saving that for next week, she's starting to run out of things to talk to you about every time she stops by." Metis nearly dropped the metal tongs, and she could swear her daughter and her two teenage employees were watching this scene and grinning.

"I see." She smiled. "Which one is yours, by the way?"

"The strawberry. Aura hates strawberries," Simon said. Metis nodded, placing the apricot cake in a bag and sealing it closed with a little rose sticker. Once both cakes were ready to go, she hands him the bags with a smile.

"Tell her it's on the house today."

The next morning when Metis went to open the shop, she found Aura waiting on the bench beside the front door, a paper bag in her hand.

"I thought I'd bring you some breakfast, and you mentioned how much you like that greasy-spoon. It was on my way." The greasy-spoon Metis mentioned once was a few miles west the other way, and when they went inside the containers of eggs, bacon and pancakes were slightly cold. But Metis couldn't help but be touched by the gesture.

"Thank you, Aura." She smiled. "Your brother stopped by the other day."

"He volunteers at the bird rescue every Friday, and he always stays late. I usually bring him a snack, but this week we've been very busy at the lab and a few people called in sick. Dr. Cosmos needed all the help he could get."

"I'm glad you could make it today," Metis said. "It...wasn't the same, even though your brother seems very nice."

"He can be, when he wants to." Aura smiled. "I was sorry I missed a Friday, too...or any day, really."

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Metis found herself asking, a flood of relief washing over her when Aura shook her head.

"I've never found time for a romance, not with my work...though lately, I've started to reconsider." Metis's heart skipped a beat as Aura's hand lay atop hers, warm and slightly callused with fingernails painted a deep purple that almost matched her hair.

"Really, now."


And Metis kissed her before she could lose her nerve. Aura's lips were soft, tasting faintly of cinnamon, and she returned the kiss so eagerly Metis almost forgot they were sitting in front of two foil tins of cold bacon, eggs and pancakes.

Oh, well. We can always heat them up a little.


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