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Title: fate threw them a curveball
Rating: PG
Prompt: Blood
Warnings: None
Route: Revelation

Summary: Leo was perfectly fine just being an uncle to Xander's son, but one day fate dropped a couple kids into his and Niles's laps.

At first I thought of Forrest and Nina being blood siblings, but then I remembered a headcanon my friend came up with about adopted!Forrest still sharing family ties with Leo on his mother's side. So Forrest's family adopted Nina!

Also this is set before Babyrealms are brought up. Siegbert and Shiro are the only kids born because heirs.

Not once had the thought of raising children crossed either of their minds. Xander and Charlotte had already taken care of Nohr's need for an heir, and Elise and Camilla would have children with their own husbands someday in the future. Leo and Niles were "uncle" to baby Siegbert (and to a lesser extent, Ryoma and Hana's son Shiro), and that's how they assumed it would always be.

Then one day, Leo discovered a boy hiding in a village that had just been destroyed by bandits and Niles was robbed by a young girl. Leo had taken the boy with him, feeling it wasn't right to just leave him there, and Niles had dragged the girl back to camp with him after taking his money back. Everything snowballed from there, and before they knew it, they were the unofficial adoptive parents of Forrest and Nina.

"We just couldn't say no to them," Leo sighed, taking off armor and boots. "Nina is quite the charmer, isn't she..." He glanced over at his lover, smiling wryly. "She's not a long-lost relative of yours, is she?"

"Actually, I was going to ask the same thing about Forrest," Niles said, rather seriously. "Nina's a charmer because that's how street kids have to get by unless they can use a weapon or run really fast. But she doesn't look anything like me. Forrest, on the other hand..." He sat down heavily on the bed. "Leo, you didn't have a missing brother your dad never told you about?" Leo tensed slightly.

"Knowing Father and his appetites, that would not surprise me," he groaned. "There were many royal siblings who lived in the castle and died to the infighting, but if Father had a child with a common woman he never intended to keep..."

There was no denying it, really. From the moment he'd gotten a close enough look at Forrest, he saw the family resemblance. Hair the same shade as his, similarly fine features. Eyes the same shade as his mother's.

It defied logic and reasoning, his mother being long dead plus what Azura had told him and his siblings about Father.

"But it's as plain as day," he sighed. "Niles, it's all too possible Forrest and I share blood." He sat down beside his lover. "Not that it matters if we do or not. His family is, Nina and I are all he has."

"Yep." Niles wrapped an arm around him. "Same with Nina. Least I assume that's the case. Either that or her parents just don't care...oh, well. Their loss!" Leo smiled a little.

"I must admit, this is...rather exciting." It would be difficult, there would be problems down the line thanks to neither of them having the best models for parenting (or in Leo's case, an exact model of how it could go horribly wrong). But for now, he couldn't deny the warm feeling that came from knowing he and Niles were parents now, that they'd saved two lives.

The next morning, though, they received an even bigger surprise.

"You two know each other?" Niles raised an eyebrow. "Boyfriend and girlfriend or something?"

"Nooo! Forrest's my little brother," Nina said.

"What?" There was no resemblance between the two whatsoever; Nina's sharp facial features and white hair pulled into tight braided pigtails, Forrest's delicate face and golden curls. But they stood side by side, hand in hand like a brother and sister would.

"We're not really related, not by blood," Forrest said quietly. "She's an orphan my parents took in a while family's never had a lot of money, so she..."

"I went around robbing the wealthy to provide for them!" Nina said with a grin that faded as soon as it had come on. "Maybe that's why they died...if I'd been there with my bow and arrow, maybe..."

"Nina, no." Forrest squeezed her hand. "There were too many of them...I'm glad you weren't there. Otherwise you could have been hurt."

Leo thought he saw tears forming in his lover's eye just then.

"Well," Niles said quietly, "you'll never have to hide from bandits again. Leo and I...we're going to keep you kids safe, make sure you never have to steal or forage for things, okay?"

"And that you will never have to fight for our acceptance," Leo added. He would make mistakes raising these two, he didn't doubt it, but at least he knew not to treat them as pawns or pit them against one another. "Welcome to our family, Forrest and Nina."

"You said the same thing to me after we announced our relationship to everyone," Niles chuckled, wiping away his tears. Leo slipped a hand into his and smiled.

"Only to make it official. You know I've told you to think of me as your family from the beginning," he said. Feeling surprisingly bold, he tilted his head up to kiss Niles briefly.

"Awwwww!" A squeal from Nina shocked him right out of that boldness, his cheeks burning as he tried not to get annoyed. Niles grinned, while Forrest sighed.

"Sorry. She's...well, you'll have to get used to it. Nina has some...wild ideas."

"I do not! At least not this time, anyway!" Nina stuck her tongue out. "I just think it's cute how happy they are, just like our parents were."

"Well, yes, but..." Forrest ran a hand through his curls. "Ah, never mind."

Leo exchanged a glance with his lover. Parenthood was going to be quite the adventure.
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