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Title: a comfortable place on the couch
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Dragon's Gate (AU day)
Warnings: Mentions of murder and violence
Route: N/A

Summary: The beat-up old couch in Leo's office was the only thing as comfortable as their bed at home.

"Another long night, Prosecutor Krackenburg?" Niles ventured, setting a cup of coffee on Leo's desk. Leo shook his head and smiled a little, giving the folder one last glance to make sure everything was in order.

"Just because you're sitting in my office doesn't mean you have to call me that, Niles. Everyone already knows we live together anyway."

"True, true," Niles chuckled. "What with my picture sitting on your desk like that, and our picture hanging on your cork board." He gave Leo's cravat a gentle tweak. "Still, I take it you'll be staying the night at the office again?"

"I left a blanket and a pillow on the couch for you," Leo said, kissing Niles's cheek before picking up the coffee and sipping appreciatively. "I know you're not a fan of sleeping alone."

"Guilty as charged," Niles said, taking off his boots and making himself comfortable. Ever since they were kids he'd been prone to nightmares, a consequence of growing up in the slums in a run-down apartment complex with an angry mother and at least one criminal on every floor. He remembered actually seeing paramedics pull a sheet over a dead man's face and the cops dragging away his screaming killer, and all his mother could say was go back to sleep, you're keeping me up and I got work tomorrow. Having Leo nearby didn't make the memories of gunfire and the faint smell of booze and death go away completely, but it made him feel safer than he ever had back at the old apartment.

Niles made himself comfortable on the beat-up old couch that Leo kept talking about replacing, but couldn't seem to bring himself to. Niles secretly hoped he never would, even if it was scuffed and frayed in places it was pretty comfy.

"You know, Leo, this is just a theft," he said, tugging the soft knitted blanket over himself. "And theft cases tend to be easier on you and Corrin both."

"The case itself is a mere theft, yes," Leo said after a sip of coffee. "However, the defendant is someone...very important to my younger sister and Corrin alike." He held up the photo of a red-haired teenage boy, and Niles instantly understood. He'd seen that kid over at the Krackenburg house a few times a month, usually with Corrin's own little sister.

"Hayato Fujiwara, huh. You'd never figure him for a thief."

"Indeed," Leo sighed. "Corrin will fight me tooth and nail to prove his innocence, as per usual, and I'll have to remind her that the truth is the most important thing." Niles laughed, curling up on the couch a little more. The presiding defense attorney for the case was Leo's childhood friend who could rival Elise in sunshiny optimism, and Leo always had a story or two from their days in law school.

"But in the end, you'll get the job done, right?"

"Of course." Leo sipped his coffee and resumed leafing through the files. "However, I will probably be up for another few hours with this paperwork...thankfully, the case is not for another day, giving us time to prepare." He sighed. "You can go to sleep if you wish."

"Maybe I will." Niles yawned, shifting the pillow under his head. "But I must admit, talking law with you is sort of fun even if I only know half of what you're going on about." Leo laughed softly.

"I appreciate the sentiment, Niles. But there's no reason you should deprive yourself of sleep on my account." His expression grew soft and serious, and he left his desk for a moment to kneel beside the couch, his hand gently smoothing back Niles's hair. "If you need me, I'll be at your side in an instant."

"Mm..." Niles's entire body felt warm under that gentle touch, and he reached for Leo's other hand. "You always are."

They exchanged a brief good-night kiss before Leo went back to his desk and Niles closed his one working eye, lulled to sleep by the soft sounds of Leo leafing through folders of paperwork.

He hoped Leo never replaced this couch.


Obviously this is an Ace Attorney-inspired AU and it's actually part of a major 'verse I have going! Basically, lawyer!Corrin and prosecutor!Leo and a bunch of other detective show-inspired stuff (Detective Conan, Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan). My other fic, "Justice For True Love" is also part of this 'verse that I may one day write as actual longfic! Or just other vignettes for, either way.
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