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Title: into the night with me
Rating: G
Prompt: Stars
Warnings: None
Route: Revelation

Summary: There are too many uncertainties, but one person will always remain a constant.

With every answer comes more questions. The Invisible Kingdom, Father's behavior, the driving force behind the war between Nohr and Hoshido. The more they know, the less they know, and while Leo appreciates a good mystery in a book it's not the same in real life, when the fate of their world is at stake and time is running out to save their kingdoms.

It's the second night in a row this has kept him awake, and he's a bit worried. Not because he's the only one to lose sleep, but because exhaustion leads to doom on the battlefield. So does stress, for that matter.

Leo throws off his covers, puts on a robe and steps out into the courtyard of Corrin's astral castle. He smiles a little to see Niles sitting by the peach tree, staring up at the sky as usual.

It's a clear night, much clearer than he's used to back in Nohr. Not that Nohr's darkness and clouds ever stopped Niles from his stargazing, even the smallest star or the faintest sliver of moon was enough for him. And tonight, there are millions of stars sprinkled across the clear blue-black and a nearly full moon.

"Look at them, Leo," Niles sighs as Leo sits down beside him, leaning against his shoulder. "They all look like a bunch of shiny dots, but I bet they're all pretty different up close." Leo smiles wyrly, taking Niles's hand.

"You're thinking of snowflakes. Although, no one has ever seen a star up close, so you could have a point." He looks up at his retainer. "I always wondered, Niles...why do you like looking at the stars so much?" Niles hugs him a little closer, squeezing his hand.

"You'd think after sleeping under the sky every night since the beginning I'd hate the sight of it," he sighs. "But the truth is, it was about the only decent thing I had growing up. I never slept well, so I'd just look up at those shiny dots and after a while it got to be relaxing." He turns his gaze towards the sky again. "It was the closest thing I ever had to feeling safe in those days."

Leo gives Niles's hand an extra firm squeeze.

"But you have more than the stars to keep you feeling safe now, I hope."

"Of course." Niles wraps his cloak around Leo, drawing him closer. "I have you, after all." And Leo relaxes more, feeling the warmth of Niles's body soak into him.

"And I have you."

"So, Leo," Niles ventures, "what's got you up so late tonight?" And Leo sighs, thinking of his earlier worries. They're so far away at this moment compared to the warmth of Niles's embrace and the beautiful night sky.

"Just thinking too much." He smiles a little, leaning more into his retainer. "But as always, I knew I'd find you, and that eased my mind."

He feels the faint brush of Niles's lips against his forehead, and a certain warmth spreads through him. No matter what uncertainties we face, you will be here. Just as I saved your life and gave you a home, you have given me a sense of security.

His worries fade into the dark as he and Niles fall into a comfortable silence, nestled under the peach tree and under the light of so many stars.


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