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Title: Power Failure
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters/Pairings: Clay/Apollo
Genre: Fluff, Pre-slash, friendship
Rating: G
Summary: Of all the nights for the power to go out, it had to be this one. But Clay soon realizes that curses can sometimes be blessings in disguise.

Author's choice, author's choice, huddling for warmth


"Sorry the power went out," Clay sighed. "Dad said he's gonna have the fuse box looked at tomorrow, this is the second time in two weeks."

"Don't apologize! It's not your fault the fuse box isn't up to snuff." Apollo smiled, and Clay relaxed. It wasn't his fault, obviously, it was no one's fault, but he still couldn't help feeling bad that it had to be the weekend Apollo was staying over.

"I just wish it hadn't shut everything off. I mean, I guess we can go without TV for a while, but the refrigerator, the heat..." He shivered. "And Dad says this is the coldest winter we've had in ten years, too." It was even snowing, a rarity for this part of the country. He grabbed a blanket and draped it over his friend's shoulders, taking his hand. He didn't like how cold Apollo's fingers felt. "If you freeze half to death it'll be my fault!"

"Gee, thanks for being so concerned for me," Apollo laughed. "But I don't get cold easily! Remember, I'm Apollo Justice, and I'm-"

He sneezed. Just an ordinary, ill-timed sneeze, but Clay grabbed another blanket and draped it over the two of them, wrapping an arm around Apollo's shoulders. Apollo laughed again, but didn't make any move to push him away. Clay relaxed again as he felt Apollo lean into him, fingers squeezing his.

"Thanks," Apollo murmured. "I think I like this more than a heater." Clay blinked, feeling his cheeks heat up.


"They say body heat is the best, right?"

"Well, yeah..."

"Then if we stay like this, we'll be warm all night." Apollo curled up a little against him, and Clay could swear he felt his heart beat faster. It did that a lot whenever he was close to Apollo lately, and Apollo seemed to want to be close more than usual. Not that they'd ever been distant, they'd been inseparable since the day they met. Dad often joked that Apollo might as well move in with them, and lately Clay was starting to wish he would.

"You can sleep in my bed with me tonight," he said, almost without thinking. "I mean, there's enough room and all..." Apollo turned to him, his cheeks kind of pink.

"Sure! I mean...for the body heat."

They got up and changed into their pajamas quickly, Clay trying not to let his gaze linger too long on Apollo's bare chest and shoulders. At fifteen, his friend was still just as slender as he was when they first met but it worked for him. The flannel pajamas he wore were a bit too big on him, and a shade of red that matched his bright personality and energetic voice.

They slid into Clay's bed, nestled under four layers of blankets, arms around each other as though it were the most natural thing in the world. Apollo's head rested against his shoulder, his body a perfect fit against Clay's, his breathing deep and even.

"Yeah, this is way better than a heater," Clay said. Apollo nodded against his shoulder.

"I'm really fine now. Actually, I've never felt better."

"Me either." Clay lightly brushed his lips against his friend's forehead, and Apollo didn't even seem to blink. Something new was taking shape between them, and nothing could have felt more right.
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