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Title: Milestone 2: Mr. and Mrs. Gumshoe
Author: Sara Jaye
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word count: 611
Summary: Who would have thought Edgeworth of all people would be afraid to meet someone's parents?
A/N: Set between the second and third games. If that matters.

Ace Attorney, Gumshoe/Edgeworth - second most awkward date

They thought they'd gotten past the initial awkwardness of the first few dates. Mr. Edgeworth-Miles was more relaxed and open these days, they were on more or less a first name basis, it should have been easier from here.

Then his folks wanted to meet Miles, and Miles...well. He didn't lose it, but Gumshoe could tell his boyfriend wasn't really looking forward to tonight. He kept pacing, drumming his fingers on his desk, staring into an empty teacup.

"Come on, sir, it's not like they're gonna have any problem with you! It's not like you're some guy I found at a bar, you're Prosecutor Edgeworth!"

"I'm aware of that," Miles said, putting the cup down and getting up to pace again. "But even before I was adopted into the von Karma family, it has always been important for me to make a good first impression." He sighed. "In addition, I..." He trailed off. "Never mind."

"Never what?" Gumshoe put a hand on his arm, gently stopping him in his tracks. Miles turned redder than a tomato and buried his face in his hand.

"I've never...reached the point in a relationship where it came time to meet someone's parents," he practically mumbled. "I've met parents, yes, but only because them and von Karma arranged for me to escort the daughter of some business associate to a gala. This is...different. This is meeting the mother and father of the person I'm-" He shook his head. "Of my boyfriend."

Miles wasn't a nail-biter, but he looked ready to start. He was blushing, fingers were toying with his cravat and it was honestly kind of adorable. Not that he wanted Miles to be scared, but still. Gumshoe wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him close, Miles instinctively leaning against him.

"It's silly, I know."

"Aw, it's not that silly," Gumshoe tried to reassure him. "I mean, meeting new people can be a little scary. But it's no big deal! My folks'll love you, you'll like them and the scary part will be over before you know it!" Miles nodded a little, nestling closer to him.

"Deep down, I know you're right. From what you've told me about your parents there's nothing to be afraid of," he said with a tiny smile. "But this is such an important step in our relationship, Dick. I want tonight to be perfect."

"Sir, you oughta know by now I can't afford to care if things are perfect! Just as long as you and Mom don't get in a fistfight or something!"

"Your mother-"

"I'm kidding." Gumshoe chuckled. "Tonight's gonna be great, I promise!"

Miles's smile grew a little.

"It will...and I will help ensure that it is."

He tilted his head up for a kiss, and Gumshoe couldn't help but feel relieved. Not that he'd been nervous, but he wanted things to go well, too. Miles deserved it, he deserved nothing but smooth sailing after all the trials they'd been through lately.

"So you're the young man my son is so taken with," Mom said. Miles turned pale and clutched his arm, but Gumshoe winked and his mother giggled to let them know she was kidding. "Of course we'd recognize the man who helped get that awful actor put away!"

"That was some fancy prosecuting," Pop chimed in. "Dick tells us you've been all over Europe, too! Why don't you have a seat, I'll get the coffee and you tell us all about it."

Gumshoe grinned, squeezing his boyfriend's shoulder.

"See? Ten seconds in and it's already going great!"

"It's only the beginning of the evening," Miles said, but he was relieved, Gumshoe could tell. As long as they could get through the night without Dad tripping on anything or Mom burning the potatoes, they'd be okay.


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