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Theme Prompt: Meet The Parents
Title: Mama
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Rating/Warnings: PG, death as a theme
Bonus: No
Word Count: 449
Summary: It doesn't take Maya long to put the pieces together.

They've been dating for three months when Franziska finally announces it's time for Maya to meet her mother. It doesn't take long for Maya to realize this won't be a typical meeting.

Franziska rarely talks about her mother, for starters. At first she thought maybe Franziska was just a daddy's girl, even after acknowledging the bad Manfred von Karma did she still talks about his accomplishments and all the good memories she has of him. Maybe she simply didn't get along with her mother.

But Edgeworth never mentioned a mother figure, either. (I only ever knew von Karma and his daughters.) Pictures of a woman with silver-blue hair, Franziska staring longingly at them now and then. It doesn't take long for Maya to put the pieces together, and that Sunday Franziska clutches her hand tightly as they walk to the cemetery.

Cemeteries barely faze Maya at this point, after all she's been through, but her heart still pounds and her stomach knots. Franziska's pale and biting her lip, and soon they're standing in front of an elaborate headstone.

Gretchen von Karma
1951 - 2000
Beloved wife and mother

The second date makes Maya's heart clench painfully. That means...

"Mama," Franziska whispers hoarsely, "I'd like you to meet someone very special. Miss Maya Fey, this is my mother." You never knew her, did you, you were just a baby, barely a year... Franziska's struggling to keep her composure but her grip tightens and Maya sniffles, wiping away a few tears.

"H...hello, Mrs. von Karma. I'm taking good care of her, I promise...she turned out really well!"

"Any foolish fool in this world or the world of the dead could see that." Her lover's voice is short and clipped, her eye twitching, and Maya hugs her hard. "S-stop that! I'm hardly so-"

"Franziska." Her tone is gentle, and she feels Franziska relax, shaking against her, followed by moisture against the sleeve of her robe as the other woman buries her face there. And she holds Franziska as she cries for the mother she never knew but still wanted Maya to meet, even if only symbolically.

I was only a little older than Franziska when my mother disappeared, but I have some good memories of her. I know what she was like thanks to Mia and Aunt Morgan...Franziska doesn't even have that.

And suddenly she knows what to do. It will take some time and preparations, but she knows she can pull it off.

"Come to Kurain with me tomorrow," she finally says. Franziska just nods, too emotionally drained to object.

"Franziska," she says in a deeper, more matronly voice with a soft German accent. Franziska gasps and presses a hand over her heart, tears forming in her eyes.

"Mama," she chokes, "it's wonderful to finally meet you."


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