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Theme Prompt: Handle With Care
Title: Implied History
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, Spoilers, Blood mentions
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 504
Summary: He only asked because he was curious. He doesn't realize the can of worms that looms ahead.

"Athena," he ventures a few hours after the case, "how do you know Prosecutor Blackquill, anyway?" And she tenses, biting her lip, Widget frowning against her neck; Apollo recognizes this as her face at the sight of all that blood in the Fox Chamber.

To be fair, most people would go white at the sight of all that red, especially if this is their first murder case, but there was something in her expression. Not enough to make his bracelet react, but something.

"It's a long story," she finally says. "I...can't go into the details right now." His bracelet does react, just a tiny bit, as she fidgets with her necklace. She's hiding something, but...

She rarely talks about her early life, only the years spent in Europe and her studies and how she's wanted to be a lawyer since she was a kid. At first he'd thought she just found the rest of her life too unremarkable to mention, just like he doesn't say much about his time in the orphanage aside from Clay and how he followed Mr. Wright's career from case to case.

But her face is pale, the bright yellow of her clothing contrasts with the dull sadness in her eyes, and he worries.


"He knew my..." Her voice drops an octave. "My mother. That's all, he worked with her and I used to see him all the time when I was a kid." He almost asks if he was any different back then or if he was always an angry jerk, prison or not, but he holds his tongue.

"Sorry," he mumbles, a rarity for him. "I didn't know...I mean, sorry for asking, I didn't think it'd be so hard on you." Did he bully her or something? Did he play those mind games even back then?

"It's okay." She forces a smile, but Widget doesn't change. "L-let's not dwell on him, anyway! We won, right? And those noodles were something different, too!" Apollo winces, his mouth burning at the memory.

"They were, but-"

"Apollo, it's fine. I...might be able to explain everything someday. Maybe." Her smile brightens, but her eyes are still sad and he's never seen bright yellow look more ironic. She seemed tense when Detective Fulbright mentioned Blackquill at first, but...

"All right." He puts a hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay now?" A pause before her smile reaches her eyes, and Apollo sighs with relief.

"Couldn't be better! But I'm still hungry, those noodles made me want something sweet. Let's get some ice cream!" She drags him off to ask Mr. Wright and Trucy if they want anything before he can even blink, and it's as if nothing ever happened. But Apollo thinks of her pale face, the red, Widget's blue frown, her bright yellow constrasting with everything, and the curiosity from before has developed into concern.

He pays for their ice cream, lets her drag him around for the rest of the evening, doesn't bring up court or Prosecutor Blackquill again.

From now on, we don't talk about him unless she wants to. End of story.

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