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Title: of all the things to cry over
Fandom: Girl Meets World
Characters/Pairings: Riley/Maya
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Humor
Rating: G
Summary: Birds, Maya thought. Birds.

any, any, drowning in their feelings

Of all the ridiculous things for Riley to become obsessed with, it had to be a game about birds. And not just any birds, either, pigeons. The feathered rats of the world!

"Most people want to stay away from those chattering disease-bags. Why would any sane person want to date one?"

"Not now, Maya," Riley muttered. She sounded suspiciously like she was-

No way. Is she really crying over a bunch of pigeons? And not just plain crying, like Mom did when the Giants lost. These were John Green tears...not that Maya was into his books or anything, but she'd heard The Fault in Our Stars was a sad movie.


"Shut up, Peaches," Riley said weakly, "I'm having feelings right now."

"Feelings," Maya muttered, "about birds."

"You wouldn't understand unless you played it," Riley said with a sniffle. "J-just look over my shoulder, read the screen. It's so sad...!"

Maya sighed, did as Riley asked, and read the text word for word. A house, something about millet, two brothers, a fire...

No, I still don't get it. But Riley was sniffling and wiping her cheeks with a soaked tissue and Maya couldn't help hugging her. I don't get it, but you know what your crying does to me, sweetie. Riley put the laptop aside and buried her face against Maya's shoulder, whimpering.


"Yeah, well...since I can't beat up video game birds for making you cry, this is the best I can do."

"It's not a bad thing," Riley mumbled. "It's just a lot of feelings, okay? Normally I love a good cry over Nageki and Ryouta and the others, but Bad Boy's Love is kinda overwhelming right now." Maya just nodded, pretending she knew what Riley was talking about.

"It's okay, Riles."

"You'd have to play the game to get it, Peaches."

Maya didn't want to admit it, but she probably would be sooner or later. After all, she'd gotten Riley to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine successfully.

She's going to convince me to play and cry over a game where a girl dates birds.

With a resigned shrug, Maya hugged her girlfriend closer. You're lucky I love you so much.
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