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Title: I Want to Ruin Our Friendship
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters/Pairings: Athena -> Juniper
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: PG
Warning: None

Summary: For once, Athena can't tell Juniper everything.

Junie, darling, you're the best friend I've ever had. You've changed, but just barely, you're still the sweet, gentle girl I've always known. We've always told each other everything.

Well, almost everything. You've probably noticed me borrowing your lipstick here and there, letting you drink from the same soda bottle or glass as me, paying every time we go out to eat. I've kept Widget turned off when we're together.

That shawl you loaned me, I've kept it wrapped around my pillow at night. Some days I hope you forget about it and never ask for it back.

It's not that I'm afraid you'll be angry with me! I know you too well, no matter how stiff and proper you are at school you're still you when we're together. That makes it even sillier for me to be afraid to say anything.

Junie, darling, I want to ruin our friendship. Because that's what people say, telling your best friend how much you love her and want to kiss her is the quickest way to ruin everything. If it is, let it be ruined! I...I want to be more than just your best friend and one-time defense attorney! Let's be lovers, okay?

I can think it, but I can't say it to your face because what if you say no and I lose the best friend I've ever had?

Someday, Junie. But for now, I'll keep Widget turned off, watch you drink from my glass, press my cheek against your shawl every night.

For now, it's enough.
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