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Title: When The Boss Is Away
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters/Pairings: Trucy, Apollo, Athena; background Iris/Phoenis
Genre: Humor
Rating: R
Summary: It's not exactly smoking a few joints and spending all the office's money on takeout, but she's sure Daddy wouldn't approve of it.

Any, Any, "We're all alone, no chaperone/Can get our number/The world's in slumber--let's misbehave!"

Trucy loved it when her daddy went out on dates with Iris for two reasons. One, because Daddy hadn't been on a date or had a girlfriend in years and Iris was so nice and they always looked so happy together. Even if all they did was go for tea or coffee or watch the stars, Daddy had a life outside the Wright Anything Agency.

The second reason, and probably the major one, was that when Daddy went on dates, he left her, Apollo and Athena alone at the office. Technically, Apollo was supposed to be the adult in charge, but it didn't take much convincing to get him in the mood for mischief.

"My foster parents would've never let me put two bags of popcorn in the microwave at once. They were afraid it might explode!" he said this particular night. This was Athena's idea, mainly because they were all hungry for popcorn and didn't want one bag to get cold while the other popped. Plus, Trucy always wondered what might happen if you tried to do two at once.

"And look what I found." Athena held up a DVD case with a huge black X on the front, and Trucy gasped.

"That's...that's not Daddy's, is it?" She squirmed a little. She wanted to see him kissing and holding hands with Iris, not imagine him...ewww! Apollo flinched, trying to keep his gaze solely on the microwave.

"Athena, please tell me Juniper has a wild streak we don't know about and that's where you got it."

"Actually, it was evidence from the last trial. Detective Fulbright said it wasn't anything they could use and there's nothing dangerous on it, so he threw it out. I snuck back in and took it when no one was watching." Phew! As long as it wasn't Daddy's.

"Athena, that's theft! That's illegal, that's..." Apollo sighed, followed by a chuckle. "Who am I kidding, let's pop it in and see what the fuss is about."

"Good timing!" Trucy grinned. "Popcorn's almost-"

"Eeek!" Athena leapt back. "There's discord in the sound...everyone, it's gonna-"

"DUCK!" Apollo shrieked. They dove behind the couch, heard a soft bang and when Trucy dared to look up the microwave's door was three feet away from the microwave and popcorn was pouring out all over the floor.

They all burst out laughing.

"Well, at least now we know what happens if you put in two at once!" Trucy giggled. Athena grabbed the biggest bowl she could find and scooped up whatever hadn't been on the floor too long. Apollo grabbed the DVD and popped it into the player.

"At least we won't go hungry watching this!"

Once they were settled in front of the TV, the movie's logo appeared, followed by a badly-animated man talking about the night's feature. Then, a lecture about why some man hated the word cheap.

"So is this supposed to be a political film? They mentioned a president from long ago," Athena said.

"No wonder the police wanted to get rid of it. I mean, if it was harmless enough not to destroy..." Apollo shrugged. "The music's not bad, though."

It wasn't until about a third of the way through the film that they realized where the title came from, and possibly the real reason the police wanted to throw it out. Athena thought it was cartoon porn, Apollo thought it was someone's drug trip, and Trucy thought it was both.

Half their popcorn ended up being thrown at the screen.


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