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Fandom: Ace Attorney
Prompt: haunted house
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Apollo/Athena
Warnings: None, really

Summary: Or, Apollo and Athena think they're too hardcore to be scared by a haunted house at a carnival.

In theory, it was perfect. Neither of them wanted to go on any wild rides after chowing down on greasy food, and Apollo refused to consider anything higher than a few feet off the ground. Besides, after all the real-life horror they faced as defense attorneys, what harm could a little haunted house at a modest city carnival do?

"It looks real," Athena whispered. "I'll definitely give them credit for that."

"But not too real," Apollo said, tightening his hand around hers. "It's fun, right?"

"Exactly!" It was dark, though, and even if the ghosts and ghouls weren't as scary as actual dead bodies, her heart was still racing at the sight of them and Apollo was holding onto her pretty tightly.

But neither of them felt sick inside, or like they wanted out. Because it's fun, right? Defense attorneys are too seasoned to be afraid of fake ghosts and skeletons!

One of those skeletons chose just that moment to leap at them from the shadows and Apollo screamed, clamping onto her arm like a vice grip, and Athena felt her heart stop for a split second.

"I-it startled me!" she stammered. "Which is what it was supposed to-yiiiiiiii!" A pale woman, eyes sunken, skin taught against sharp facial bones, spidery fingers reaching out to them. "W-wow, they really...put a lot of effort into this!"

"If they are really fake," Apollo whimpered, still clutching her arm.

"This from the guy who didn't believe in Tenma Taro?" Athena teased, but her voice shook and she made no move to loosen his grip on her. Especially when a mummy and a zombie approached them from either side, and a series of bats flew over Apollo's head.

Okay, so maybe this is a little scary for real and not just scary for fun.

They kept going, and the house seemed to alternate between genuine scares and silly spooks, but soon Athena found herself holding Apollo closer to her by the waist, both of them trying to laugh off their fear.

Just the same, though, they heaved a joint sigh of relief when they saw the light at the end, signifying their walk through the place was over. Apollo loosened his hold on her and she on him, but they kept their hands joined as they walked over to a quiet bench illuminated by distant street lamps.

"Well...that was something!" Apollo said, chuckling sheepishly. "The effects were good!"

"Yeah!" Athena giggled. "M-maybe a little too good..."

They shared a glance, his cheeks kind of pink and hers a little warm, too.

"Maybe we need more experience as lawyers before this kind of thing doesn't scare us," she sighed, leaning her head against his shoulder. "I mean, it was fun, but..."

"I know what you mean. And yet, this still scared me less than going on the Ferris Wheel would have," Apollo said. "At least we were on the ground!" At times, Athena wondered if the ground would actually drop out from under them. The people who made that house knew how to surprise people, so she wouldn't have put it past them.

"Let's play a few games," she suggested. "Those should be safe. I think rigging carnival games was outlawed a few years ago!"

They found a nearby ring toss, which they were both terrible at but enjoyed anyway. It was safe, it was familiar.

And, Athena thought, it was cute to watch Apollo try to win her that Blue Badger plushie.


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