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Title: Antithesis
Author: Sara Jaye
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word count: 628
Summary: Ema hadn't expected to get along this well with her.
A/N: Really is a shame they never got to interact in canon itself.

Ace Attorney, Maya Fey/Ema Skye: Opposites attract - Mystic Girl and Science Girl

She'd expected to butt heads with Maya Fey at first sight. Ema, who'd spent her whole life fascinated with science and believing it to be the explanation for everything, should have flat-out rejected the whole idea of spirit mediums even though she knew for a fact they existed.

But when she met Maya, she couldn't bring herself to be That Person. Part of it was intimidation, Maya was older than her and her little cousin had a reputation for kicking and hitting anyone who wasn't nice to Maya. Plus, this was the little sister of someone her own sister had considered so precious years ago.

And on some level, she had to admit she was a little curious.

"Can you show me how you channel a spirit?"

A few seconds later, in Maya's place stood the woman from Lana's photograph. Ema blinked several times, then nearly fainted at the realization that yes, she had just witnessed a successful channeling.

"So you must be the little genius Lana told me about," a soothing alto said, and Ema felt her eyes fill with tears. She knew all about Mia Fey, her influence and untimely death and how important she'd been to Lana.

"It's nice to finally meet you."

After that, Ema found she wanted to spend as much time with Maya as possible. She was the exact opposite of what Ema had spent her life studying, proof that not everything could be defined by a periodic table or chemicals.

"If you want, I can channel my sister again so yours can have a chance to say goodbye," she offered one afternoon as they sat at the diner near Wright & Co. Ema nodded, sipping her soda.

"I'll ask Lana about it. But don't feel obligated or anything," she said. "Your cousin said sometimes it takes a lot out of you."

"It used to," Maya said. "And it still can if the spirit won't behave..." She shuddered at the memory of a certain cousin. "But Mia's pretty easy for me by now, so...if Lana wants to, you say the word!"

"Thanks! I just don't want to seem like-"

"Like you think I'm a dog doing tricks?" Maya grinned. "Believe it or not, I rarely get that. Even if people don't get the Kurain technique, they know it's not a circus trick." Ema laughed.

"That's good, at least!"

"But enough about that! Tell me more about your methods," Maya said. "I mean, Nick and I usually don't dust for prints, we leave that up to the police." Ema giggled and pulled her chair closer.

"Where do I even start? Well-"

"Ladies?" The waiter cut in just then, holding their plates, and Ema blushed as she realized she'd forgotten they even ordered.

"Oh! Thank you, sir." He left, and Maya immediately dug into her burger with such gusto Ema could swear she saw rapture in her eyes. She'd only ever seen that in Europe at one of the really fancy restaurants, people gushing over fancy desserts or other dishes that looked like they'd taken a week to prepare.

"Mmmm! Anyway," Maya said after she'd swallowed, "maybe we better wait till we're actually alone. I'm used to talking about gory details while I'm eating, but the people around us probably wouldn't appreciate it." Ema nodded.

"Good idea," she said. "Besides, now that the food's here I'm too hungry to think about anything else!" She took a bite of her sandwich and chewed thoughtfully, watching the girl next to her.

Maya Fey was the antithesis of her studies, but she was one of the most fascinating people Ema had ever met. Not just for her power, but for all the stories she had, the life she'd lived.

I wonder if she'd mind if I considered this a date?

She thought of Lana, the photo of Mia, and wondered if it was possible for history to repeat itself.
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